It's no secret - people feel more confident when their teeth look healthy and feel strong. This confidence extends to both social and professional settings.

Welcome to Oliva Dentistry

It’s true – strong, healthy teeth are one of the best ways to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. We are pleased to welcome you to our practice and we look forward to showing you what modern dentistry can do for you. No matter what dental problems you may have developed over the years, Oliva Dentistry has solutions for you.

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No Ordinary Practice

Oliva Dentistry brings an exceptional range of services, training, and experience to the practice of dentistry. We perform a variety of dental services in one location to help you easily manage your dental needs. If you have put off treatment, we want you to know that as our patient, you will be in caring hands.

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The Importance of a Smile

Have you ever looked at someone’s smile and immediately been impressed by how beautiful their teeth were? Did you notice that they seem to enjoy smiling and expressing themselves openly and confidently? We have personally witnessed our patients transform from shy, reserved types to happy, outgoing people. These transformations are our reward for training for so many years.

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Did You Know...
"Patient expectations/treatment options…"

Understanding and managing patient expectations is the most important predictor of patient satisfaction. The dentist should very carefully evaluate how a patient expresses their demands during the first discussion and how a patient adapts their expectations after hearing what can and cannot be achieved by different treatment options. During the discussion of treatment options, the following concepts should be presented to the patient:

  • What is possible to achieve and what is not
  • Prognostic factors including age, motivation, dexterity, and the ability to present for regular recall appointments
  • Treatment times and timelines
  • Costs and eventual reimbursements
  • Importance of compliance/patient time and efforts
  • Behavioral adaptation and restrictions during treatment time (e.g. smoking, certain food/masticatory habits, social life, temporary discomfort ect.)