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Have you ever looked at someone's smile and immediately been impressed by how beautiful their teeth were? Did you notice that they seem to enjoy smiling and expressing themselves openly and confidently? We have personally witnessed our patients transform from shy, reserved types to happy, outgoing people. These transformations are our reward for training for so many years.

It's no secret. People feel more confident when their teeth look healthy and feel strong. This confidence extends to both social and professional settings.

It’s true—strong, healthy teeth are one of the best ways to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. We are pleased to welcome you to our practice and we look forward to showing you what modern dentistry can do for you. No matter what dental problems you may have developed over the years, Oliva Dentistry has solutions for you."

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Dr. Anthony Oliva

When patients ask me to describe our practice, I tell them that I believe the best dentistry is no dentistry, so we work hard to make sure that we provide the preventive care and support that will help busy adults and their families maintain their “factory authorized parts” and avoid dental problems that can be costly and uncomfortable.

We encourage our patients to anticipate potential problems and to eliminate the factors that cause dental disease. Our focus is to help our patients become healthy and maintain their health while improving their appearance. When conditions are not optimal, we focus on restoring health and stability with appearance-enhancing dentistry.

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